Jazz is offered from 5 years through to 12 years


JAZZ is a fast paced, technical style of dance that will impove strength, stamina, rythm, flexibility and co-ordination, while learning moves to the latest hit songs. Our Jazz classes include a cardio warm up, stretching, flexibility, skills in the centre, skills travelling across the room and choreography. 

Available in Hughenden, Julia Creek & Cloncurry.



Slow-modern/Contemporary is offered from 8 years through to 12 years.


SLOW-MODERN/CONTEMPORARY dance is a fusion of classical ballet and jazz dance techniques. This style is characterised by its versititility. Contemporary can be danced to almost any style od music, or united with other dance forms such as slow-modern, to create new styles of movement. Slow-modern/contemporary dance encourages natural spontaneous movement and personal interpretation. It focuses on self expression, awareness of space and body movement, use of body weight, efficiency of muscle use and safe body alignment. 

Available in Julia Creek.





Ballet is offered from 5 years through to 12 years.


BALLET is the foundation of all dance styles. Ballet improves technique, posture, flexibility, stamina and discipline. It is the most beautiful of all styles of dance, with slow, controlled and graceful movements being performed.

Younger classes of ballet are focused more on enjoyment, rather than struct technique and discipline. While older and more advanced levels of ballet require hard work, concentration and dedication.

Available in Hughenden, Julia Creek & Cloncurry.

gum-nut baby dance

Creative movement is offered from 2 years through to 4 years.


GUM-NUT BABY classes combine a range of dance styles that students can participate in, including: Jazz, Ballet and creative movement. This class focuses on movement, co-ordination, rythm and fun! There are many songs they wil know and love, and lots of props and dress ups to enhance the enjoyment factor. This class is a great start to the world of dance with its main emphasis on dance for fun. 

Available in Hughenden, Julia Creek & Cloncurry.




Tap is offered from 5 years through to 12 years.


TAP is another popular style of dance - all children love to make noise with their feet! Students learn a fresh fun and modern way to tap, along with traditional technique and theory. Tap improves co-ordination, timing and footwork. This style is well suited to both boys and girls. 

Available in Hughenden, Julia Creek & Cloncurry.

flip n flex

Flip 'n' Flex is offered from 6 years through to 12 years.


FLIP 'N' FLEX is specialised class designed to improve agility and felxibility. Students will learn acrobatics skills, enhancing stregth and mobility.This class is strongly recomended to those students competing in eisteddfods. 

Available in Julia Creek & Cloncurry.

Private Coaching and Advanced Training


A challenging training program designed to extend and further develop students who are wanting to progress at a rapid rate.


Enrolment for adavanced classes is invite only. However please feel free to enquire for further information.



Open to all aspiring dancers in North West Queensland. Private coaching lessons with principal dance teacher Amy Tinning will improve technique, build confidence and guide young regional dancers to have a career of their own in dance.


Choreography for Eisteddfod routines and other performances is also available.


This is a new opportunity like no other being offered to talented regional dancers. It is about sharing the love of dance and the knowledge that Amy has gained through out her dance training and career.

To book a private coaching session or find out more information please contact us TODAY!

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