The Studio

Located in Cloncurry, Julia Creek, Richmond (TBC) & Hughenden, BRANCHES Performing Arts is delighted to offer dance training in a wide variety of styles including: Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Slow-modern/Contemporary, Hip-hop, Tiny-tot Dance (Gum-nut Baby), Flip n Flex, Stretch & Strength and Body Conditioning. 


Dance is a creative, expressive and enjoyable way for all people of all ages to keep fit and for children to develop self-discipline, poise, presentation, co-ordination and self-confidence. Dance offers children a chance to gain an appreciation for the arts, while at the same time developing a sense of their own individual potential and healthy self-image.


BRANCHES Performing Arts, as its name suggests aims to contribute to Building Remote Arts 'N' Cultural Happiness. The school is fuelled by a long term aspiration to increase the potential and opportunity for children living in rural and remote regions.


Just as the all encompassing branches of the native gum intertwine, with roots that grow deep under ground, BRANCHES Performing Arts has a strong focus on reaching out to rural families far and wide.

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